Product Categories

Our range is enormous. We have so many categories of products, we’re sure to have what you need. Contact our sales teams in Sydney, Newcastle or Perth.  They can advise and source your industrial fastenings and supplies.   Do you have a drawing, our team can also quote for supply of specialised custom fasteners.

Categories include:

Mild Steel Bolts & Nuts Allthread Rod All Materials Metal Threads Abrasives
High Tensile Bolts & Nuts Socket Head Screws Chemical Anchors Measuring Equipment
Structural Bolts & Nuts Petrochemical Studs Dyna Bolts Air Tools
Stainless Bolts & Nuts Masonry Anchors Roofing Screws General Tools
Brass Bolts & Nuts Hose Clamps Tamper Proof Fasteners Blades & Knives
Plastic Bolts & Nuts Self Tapping Screws Drills & Bits Masonry Tools
Washers U Bolts Metal Cutting Tools Adhesives & Thread Locks
Rivets Self Drilling Screws Lubricants Hand Cleaners